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Essential Skills - English and Maths

Part Time Courses

Thought about brushing-up on your maths or English skills, but are a bit rusty and haven't been in a learning environment for a while Well, help is at hand. Basic Skills courses offered at college are designed to ensure that you can meet whatever goals you have, whether it is helping and supporting your children with their homework, looking for a promotion at work or help to start looking for a job.

Basic Skills courses are friendly and flexible. They are free and available in a place near where you live. Courses can be taken alongside a full-time job, in the evenings.

You will get a nationally recognised qualification and also improve your confidence, skills for daily life and your employability.

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As the shockwaves run through the security industry following the BBC’s undercover expose of illegal security training firms, Coventry-based trainers were quick to defend their excellent reputation.
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